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Monday, November 26, 2012

That Silly Fly On The Wall

What was the subject of the last argument you had with your spouse or partner? What do you suppose you'd think if, instead of being a participant, you could somehow eavesdrop on many of the past arguments you've had?

I do not know how the frequency, volume or intensity of our arguments compare with other couples. I also do not remember, though it was not long ago, what our last argument was about. But I'm pretty confident had I been a spectator, that argument would have seemed silly to me. And I'm guessing my wife would feel the same; had any of you been a fly on the wall, as likely as not, you'd also wonder why the fuss.

Few people would describe my wife or I as either mellow or passive so our dynamic can be charged. Also, I can sometimes be stubborn about being "right". But our personality traits and my foible aside, I'm guessing our partnership is not dissimilar to many others when it comes to the time we waste arguing about silly stuff. Your thoughts?        

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