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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Late Bloomer

This past summer I spent a week at Kripalu, a resort that specializes in yoga. One of the lectures I attended was taught by a dynamic instructor, wise well beyond her 35 years. After using her mantra (Begin...Again) as the title of a recent post, I knew I'd be returning to her soon in some fashion.

About a week ago, I came across the phrase "late bloomer" in a book. There it is, I thought. Although I'd been a bit troubled how this young woman had it more together at 35 than I did, that phrase somehow put me at ease; I'm a late bloomer. It's possible I could have avoided some heartache if I'd arrived a bit younger. But I don't regret fighting against being old before my time. Maturity always struck me as over-rated; I accept the consequences of that attitude, which probably includes a significant delay in blooming.

I'm guessing this young woman sought out more early mentors than I; that seems to be a consistent thread  in sharp younger people. Evidence to support my theory of late blooming? I'm getting pretty good at seeking out and paying more attention to others these days. What are you getting better at now that you suspect would have been really useful to be good at many years ago? When you run across precociously wise people much younger than you (like my Kripalu instructor), what runs through your mind?


  1. I've gotten better at accepting that people adopt my philosophy and make it their own! And most often repeat my very words/thoughts but don't give me credit for having voiced that idea to them. It's really okay. Being copied is kinda cool, and I like knowing I've been heard.
    I gravitate towards gifted people no matter what their age because these individuals are fulfilling their life calling. I don't compare them to myself. They are truly special and in the minority. They are miracles that God has given us.

    1. Sue; Thanks for your comments here and elsewhere; three in one day -I hit the jackpot! And I agree it's cool knowing when you've "...been heard..." Also - it's so funny you used the word "calling" in this comment - that's excatly the word my Kripalu instructor used when coaching a young woman in the class I attended; talk about cool!