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Saturday, November 17, 2012

#5: The Mt. Rushmore Series

Lest anyone accuse me of being too serious, I'm going lowbrow for this month's Mt. Rushmore entry. In your estimation, which four comedians deserve to be stoned with Washington et al? All puns, no matter how groanworthy, welcome here.

1.) Bill Cosby: Long before he was pepper to Robert Culp's salt, or that cuddly sitcom paterfamilias, Cosby's albums (remember those?) like "Why Is There Air" doubled me over with laughter. And he did it without ever swearing.

2.) Richard Pryor: On the other hand, Pryor had a foul mouth. But it was a very funny and trenchant foul mouth. His routines after recovering from near self-immolation are smoking.

3.) Robin Williams: I wouldn't want him as a friend; I'm sure he cares. But what a mind; can't think of a better comic improviser. He's the Charlie Parker of comedy, complete with the drug problems.

4.) Jerry Seinfeld: Not the TV guy, the standup. Like Cosby, and unlike Pryor or Williams, Seinfeld doesn't talk trash. Instead, his quirky observations about everyday stuff make me laugh and pay more attention.

I know, where are the women, right? Hey, this is my Mt. Rushmore; put women on yours and remember the separate restroom.          

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