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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Collaboration and Creativity


The above April 2011 post about creativity was the first of several I've since written about this subject of limitless interest. My commitment to this blog has led me to periodically reflect on the effect interaction with others has on the creative process. How important is interaction with others to your creativity? How much does the way we each manifest our creativity determine how critical that interaction is?

Because music plays a large part in my creative life, these questions invariably lead me first to think about musical collaborations vs. those who go it alone. Playing compositions by Irving Berlin or Cole Porter, both of whom worked alone, I wonder: How might their work have been enhanced if they'd collaborated with others? From there, my reflections move easily to my own erratic, and also solitary, songwriting. I further wonder: If I'd realized years ago the importance of more regular interaction with others, would I have been more open to seeking out a musical collaborator? These themes come front and center when I consider how much more consistent I've been with blogging vs. songwriting. The volume grows louder still when I recognize how many of my posts have had their genesis in my interactions with others.

Please pardon the wistful tone here; birthday coming up.

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