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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old News On Tuesday

It's pretty spooky how accurate the non-partisan polls were predicting the outcomes of Tuesday's election. Given how often poll results are reported as elections approach, I wonder what the effect is on voter habits.

For example, New Jersey was not considered to be in play for this election. Indeed, in recent memory the polls have consistently (and correctly) indicated NJ would go Democratic in Presidential elections. How many NJ Democrats get complacent and don't vote? How many NJ Republicans get discouraged and don't? Putting aside party affiliation, how much does the barrage of information about polling contribute to low turnouts all across the US?

A few weeks ago, I heard someone say on November 6 the country was electing the President of the United States of Ohio. And in the weeks leading up to the election, most of the other chatter centered on five or six additional "battleground" States. That leaves around 44 more States, including my own, where the election news on Tuesday night was a foregone conclusion of sorts. Anyone else bothered by this?  

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