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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Goals For Year 64

First, a safe goal: I will devote 64 blog posts to books I complete over the next year, a little more than one post a week about a different book. That will be a higher percentage of posts about books than I've done to date, but it's a goal easily accomplished.

Next, a goal that will take more discipline: I will learn on guitar 64 jazz standards that are "new" to me. Based on how far I got with my musical goal for year 63, I know this is do-able but also know my planning and time management will have to improve.            

Finally, a stretch goal:  By next November 23, my wife and I will have sampled the cuisine of 64 different countries. Given our most recent country (Spain) is #17, we will clearly have to step up the pace and do a lot more at home cooking as we did for #14 (Ecuador) and #16 (Liberia). Trying to find, let alone afford, 47 additional restaurants featuring different country's cuisines will doom this goal from the start.

Wish me luck.

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