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Friday, February 1, 2013

Well, Maybe A Little Superstitious

My parents were married today in 1947 so when Mom died in November 1977 they'd been married 30 years. My wife and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary September 17 of this year. And though I don't consider myself superstitious, glancing at the calendar this morning I was momentarily relieved the day ahead was an active one; gave me less chance to dwell on this odd fact. What was the last odd confluence of numbers or dates that you recall giving you any pause?

A few years ago Jim Carrey did a movie called "The Number 23". After seeing it on DVD, I understood why it had disappeared soon after its release. But despite its flaws, the central premise was plausible enough for the film to be memorable. I recall thinking at the time how the odd coincidences we all occasionally encounter with numbers can sometimes be unsettling; like how I felt this morning.

Once I got busy, the weirdness went away. At minimum, I'm glad Mom & Dad crossed my mind. When long stretches go by and I haven't thought of them, it can make me lonely.      


  1. I heard someone, a psychic on TV talk show, claim that those little moments at night when you wake and glance at the bedroom clock, and all the numbers are lined up, for example, 4:44, that's someone trying to contact you from the other side. Interesting idea. I do find it startling that this happens to me regularly but the three digits are usually different, say 5:55 or 2:22. Might be something there. It's one of those little moments of synchronicity that Jung wrote about. There are no coincidences; there is some meaning to be gleaned from even the most trivial moments if one takes the time to reflect on them.

    1. Steve; Great to see you commenting again; I've missed you. And it's notable how you invariably get back to Jung; his work obviously has had a huge impact on your life.