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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Announcing: The First Olga Awards

Mark the date - February 24, 2014 -  so you'll remember to check back in as winners are announced. Bookmark this post to ensure you'll submit nominations as they occur to you. Forward this to family & friends to help judge have ample selections from which to choose winners. The occasion? The first Olga awards.

1 & 2 & 3) Best movie, book (novel or non-fiction), and song that did not win an Oscar, Pulitzer, Grammy, or other comparable industry prize

4) Best ethnic restaurant in NYC metropolitan area

5 & 6) Best website and blog

Additional points earned for # 1,2,3 if judge has not yet seen, read, or heard nominations giving newer movies, books & songs a slight advantage. Additional points earned for restaurants (#4) featuring ethnic cuisine not yet sampled by judge and spouse. Additional points earned for #5 or 6 if URL includes the words "reflections" "bell" or "curve".  Additional points earned for all categories when nomination is made via comment box on blog site. In cases where only one nomination is made for a category (online or off), judge will punt. Otherwise, decisions of judge are final; bribes accepted. Open for business.