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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keeping My Groan Quotient Manageable

As annoying as it can be when my wife chastises me for speaking loudly in public places, more often than not I'm glad she does so. Otherwise, I suspect I could easily be the kind of "loud talker" who induces groans or worse in those forced to listen to me. Like the guy on our bus ride today to Washington DC.

Ironically, much of what this particular loud talker said I agreed with; no matter. He spoke so loudly it was difficult to tune him out. I shudder to think I've been guilty of the same thing, making me mostly appreciate my wife when she acts as my human volume control.

In addition, being unable to escape this person's diatribe reminded me how tiresome it can be to listen to such politically one sided rants, regardless which side of the aisle someone sits. Few nuances or subtleties, loads of slogans, and a few conspiracy theories for good measure; groan.

Who can you rely on to help you keep your groan quotient manageable?   

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  1. I heard someone say today that we usually criticize others for the things we dislike most about ourselves. My groan monitor is set on such a low bar that I am usually hyperaware of offending, boring, annoying, or saying something stupid....and it often inhibits me from contributing to conversations in a meaningful way. Apparently my groan monitor also spills over to you (sincere apologies!).