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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Words On A Page

How best to say this? Please read "A Lesson Before Dying" (1993) by Ernest J. Gaines. You might thank me or you might swear at me but I think this book will move you.  

Gaines' prose is spare and though plot is not the point, he grabs you by the throat and does not let go. When his people speak, what they say may not be nice but it will stay with you. The last thing I read that struck me this way was "Autobiography Of A Face" by Lucy Grealy. Gaines' book has the same ring of truth as that memoir.

When you're done, please let me know your thoughts. What were you left with? Who in the book is most like you? If you were Jefferson, who would you want at your side? If you were Grant, would you stay once Jefferson is gone? If you were Vivian, how would you show Grant your love? How far do we still have to go?         


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