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Monday, March 4, 2013

Around The World In 30 Essays

Although getting to every country of the world I want to is still possible, reading "The Conde Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys" provides a pleasant alternative in case I miss a few. And finishing the 2012 volume, the second in this wonderful series, also assisted me in noting a few places to skip.

Aside from the uniformly high quality of the writing, I invented a process to further enhance my reading enjoyment. Instead of taking the essays in the order presented, i.e. alphabetical by country, I planned a travel route, starting with the location nearest to me - the Hudson River via a Patrick Symmes piece entitled "Romancing The River". Then with my Atlas handy, I mapped out a logical itinerary to take me to the other 25 places around the globe. My last stop before returning home was Amy Wilentz' terrific "Love and Haiti and the Whole Damn Thing". It was a great trip; hit six of the seven continents.

It would be cool to know which places you'd add or subtract from your list after reading this book. One of each for me? Adding: Berlin (Guy Martin - "The Greatest Show on Earth"). Subtracting: Arctic Bay, Canada (Wade Davis - "Force of Nature"). No offense, Wade; blubber diets just don't work for me.

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