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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Grade (So Far): Sensitivity

Sensitivity: The state of being readily or excessively affected by outside agencies or influences.

Using an A-F grading system for this attribute might not work optimally. Based on that dictionary definition, if I give myself an "A" for sensitivity, isn't that tantamount to saying I have no backbone? But only a hermit would warrant an "F". So, should we all aspire to a "C" for sensitivity?

Even the secondary definitions ("the state of being easily affected, annoyed, pained") don't make me want a high grade. Yet whenever someone has called me sensitive, which I've heard more than insensitive, I considered it a compliment. How about you?

Maybe all these years people have been confusing my empathy with sensitivity. For the former, I'll give myself an "A-" so far but based on the dictionary, only a "C" seems accurate for the latter. What would you give yourself so far for this attribute?            

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