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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Come on, Girls - Help Me Out

For just a moment, put aside the whole optimist/pessimist, glass half full or half empty conversation and answer this question: Which do you find yourself doing more often -chastising yourself for the things you don't do or congratulating yourself for the things you do?

I pose this challenging question because although I more often chastise vs. congratulate myself, I don't have a clear sense of how others on the bell curve would answer this. And though I was mindful while raising my daughter to congratulate her more often than chastise, I often wonder how much impact my parenting had on her regarding this. Those of you who are parents, which tendency do you see as more dominant in your children?

A special plea for an online response to this question goes to my sisters, both of whom invariably have interesting and sometimes provocative (albeit mostly offline) things to say about my posts. Come on, girls - help me get a more robust online conversation going, will ya? 

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  1. I can't believe I missed this post. Probably too late to encourage a robust discussion but easy to answer. Even though I find it hard to congratulate and praise myself I always went out of my way to praise my girls. Oddly enough I was because I knew how important being congratulated or recognized for my accomplishments meant to me. I think my daughters turned out extraordinary. Maybe I should remember that and pat myself on the back more often.( for the way they turned out but also for the way I turned out). I reflect back on my 60th party and remember the 60 things we like about our sister .