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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Sneaky Third Wheel

My guitar playing can be a great source of relaxation for me. At other times, especially following a public performance when I've been satisfied, my playing acts in exactly the opposite fashion. Instead of being relaxed, I am exhilarated. This second state also occurs, if less frequently, when I'm alone playing. Do you experience a similar dichotomy with your passions or hobbies?

If only this were the whole story. For me, whether sitting alone playing, jamming with others, or performing publicly, frustration is a sneaky third wheel. Even though I'm aware of the importance of containing negative self-talk, when I flub the execution of something I know I'm capable of, frustration sometimes gets the better of me. As soon as that happens, I'm in trouble for several self-defeating moments. And then it can be easy to lose sight of the relaxation or exhilaration nearby and the whole thing rapidly deteriorates.

Where in your life do you find yourself battling this sneaky third wheel?

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