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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seasonal Sound

Setting aside the stunning weather, sounds alone signal for me the glorious transition between spring and summer in New Jersey.

* Even when not my cup of tea, any music coming from cars with the windows down invariably makes me smile.

* The bells of a passing ice cream truck? I'm ten years old again.

* Try sneaking up on someone wearing flip-flops. When else in the year does the sound of footwear so clearly mark a change of season?

Which sounds help you mark this time of year? Listen closely, then share with me and others.


  1. (1)kids squealing under cold sprinklers
    (2)4th fireworks
    (3)motorcycle packs

    1. Anonymous; I love #1 especially and #3, although that one strikes me as an earlier in the year sound. Thanks for writing.

  2. Mockingbird singing at 3 am. Snails sliding across the sidewalk

  3. The sound of Debussy, Mendelssohn or Bach on the green at Tanglewood on a summer evening(granted,something I don't get to hear as often as I'd like to).Also, the sound of tree frogs in the woods on a summer evening.