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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A New York Post: Risking The Risque?

It's been over two years. I've written about 550 posts. Though I've given it way too much thought, it's still not clear to me why some get a lot more attention than others.

Recently one regular reader, and someone different who reads only on days I post to Facebook, both told me they decide which ones to read based mostly on the title. So although many of the titles from my "top ten" don't strike me as real provocative, I'm strongly considering giving crassness a shot now and then. Just saying.

This could go awry. And with no desire to have porno search engines easily find my blog, the craven attempt (above) at a sexy title is mild, right? Now, if any NY Post headline writer stumbles onto this post (gotta love those keyword searches!), maybe you'd consider helping out this needy, marginally-attention-seeking, doesn't-want-to-be-XXX blogger by giving me about 550 grab-by-the-throat titles in case this pathetic try doesn't yield the desired results?

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