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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mr Id's Post Party Depression

Call Mr. Id unrealistic but when attending a party with more than 25 people, he expects to have at least one stimulating conversation, especially after staying several hours. How does Mr. Id define stimulating? At minimum...

* A reasonable amount of give and take.

* Other conversants demonstrating some interest in Mr. Id's views or, at least pretending to, especially after Mr. Id has asked numerous questions aimed at eliciting theirs.

* Minimal eye contact or, at least a temporary cessation of staring at the TV.

Mr. Id has additional obnoxious criterion. But within recent memory, Mr. Id attended a party where even the baseline minimum noted was consistently out of reach. Revealing more would be indiscreet. Mr. Id can be a crank but does not wish to be indiscreet. Besides, he likes parties.

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