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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yesterday's Gone

Since beginning in March 2011 I've purposefully skipped posting any day my mind did not feel up to the task. Yesterday was my first day skipped because the body was not up to it.

Healthy as I've always been, being brought so low physically reminded me how easy good health can be taken for granted. Each time a basic task felt out of reach and I got frustrated, I tried to re-frame it and regain a measure of gratitude, confident today would be better.

And today is better. As I opened my laptop, the blog topics in my queue from before Monday faded before the simple fact of being upright and able to sit long enough to type a little. I'm grateful for several things. My continuing good health, the books that kept me company yesterday, having a partner nearby. Three things to avoid taking for granted. I'm also grateful yesterday is over.