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Friday, June 14, 2013

Asking Again: Can This Be Right?

Of my posts with a discernible theme, the three I've written under this heading have prompted some of the most lively conversations. So once again: Join in and share with me and others some words whose meaning just doesn't feel quite right to you.

1.) ordnancecannon or artillery. Can this be right? How can such an innocuous sounding word be so deadly? Did some evil military linguist make this up so killing and maiming people would sound less horrible?

2.) enervated: without vigor, force, or strength; languid. Without fail, every time I've used this word, someone asks me "Are you sure that's correct?" And I'm talking about smart people, like my wife.

3.) avuncular : of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an uncle. Try and convince me this word doesn't sound like it should apply only to uncles who are perverts. I ask you, how can this be right?

If anyone doesn't want to wait until next June for three more of mine, glad to share offline several from my long list. At this point, with one post per year and three words in each, I've got better than a ten year supply. 


1 comment:

  1. (1) angina: sounds way too much like vagina to have anything to do with pain
    (2) droll: to much like troll to be amusing in any way
    (3) intercourse: which fucking egghead thought of this one?
    (4) coitus: ditto