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Friday, July 19, 2013

21st Century Picture Prisoner

Anyone as old as I may recall the bad old days when a friend cornered you with a carousel full of slides documenting their last vacation to Disney World. And most of us of all ages have likely withstood a narrated journey through one or more family wedding albums. Tedious as being a picture prisoner in someone's home can be, culinary benefits are often conferred upon unwilling victims. In the days of carousel slides, perhaps a fondue? Would you care for some dessert as your eyes glaze over this wedding album?

Recently I endured the 21st century iteration of this water torture after asking a casual acquaintance about his vacation.  Out came the cell phone. When the interminable narration accompanying the pictures ended, 90 precious minutes of my life had vanished without so much as a compensatory eclair.

Now having made others picture prisoners while they were guests in my home, I too have blood on my hands. But with cell phones capable of holding the picture equivalent of the Library of Congress, a remote cabin in rural Wyoming is looking pretty appealing.    


  1. A polite response to "how was your vacation?" should NOT ever include 90 minutes worth of pictures. I would never assume anyone was THAT interested in my vacation.

  2. At least in the old days, the bad shots were eliminated. Not anymore! You get to see everything.

  3. I prefer pictures of vacations to pictures of dogs.