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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sleepers Anonymous

Support groups are designed to help people feel less alone, ostensibly because the stories people tell in those groups often share elements with the stories of others. In my experience, books can sometimes serve a similar function.

After finishing Jeanette Winterson's harrowing 2011 memoir "Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal?", I had two gratitude-tinged reactions:

*Continuing gratitude for being raised by two reasonably sane parents, not unlike how I felt after reading "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls and...
* New gratitude when the author revealed that her default coping mechanism is sleep.

Thank you Jeanette. Sleep has always been my main coping mechanism but I haven't uncovered a support group called "Sleepers Anonymous". Your memoir made me feel less alone. Any other closet sleepers out there? If not that, what is your default coping mechanism? Ever read a book that gave you the solace that Winterson's gave me?

p.s. My blog silence for the past three days has been technology-induced. This post courtesy of the Monmouth County Library. If home PC problems persist, my near future posts could be a bit erratic.

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