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Friday, July 5, 2013

Take 2 And...Action!


After posting the above on May 15 and getting no response despite my begging, occurred to me people might be more comfortable if the focus of that imaginary movie was not them. After all, not everyone is as solipsistic as a blogger, right?  So here's another chance. Ready? Take 2 and ...Action!

Who have you've known that has had enough punch in their life to make that life an interesting movie? Again, don't worry about length. Rewind through the cast of characters from your own life and tell me and others about the pieces from another individual's life that would make compelling film. What are the key element(s) leading to your selection? The person's dynamism/charisma? Their talent? Intellect? Interests? Experiences? Uniqueness?

This exercise was more fun than my self-centered original. And, because I've been fortunate enough to know loads of interesting and interested people, my cast keeps growing. Now I've started matching up actors to my friends - what a blast! I need Halle Berry's contact info. She was born to play the human tsunami who was the Director of an organization where I worked from 1991-2003.    



  1. Bassist Ed Cxxxxxxx's secret life as a fire starter.

  2. Sergeant Johnny MacLaughlin, my Senior Field Leader at Ft. Jackson, SC. He would be played by Denzel Washington. In Vietnam he was a platoon sergeant who expertly led his infantry unit between the twin perils of the Vietcong and newly hatched 2nd lieutenants fresh from Officer Candidate School. His combat experience would be interspersed with scenes from his tenure at the Ft. Jackson Basic Training Company where I worked under his tutelage. He put his heart and soul into imparting lessons in survival to the raw recruits. He was the real deal. Once a former member of his Vietnam outfit ran into him while we had the company on the move between training areas on post. The look in that man's eyes was one of mixed awe and gratitude. Sergeant MacLaughlin looked out for everybody wherever he was.
    It would be a great indie movie! Sergeant Mac's nickname for me was "Hollywood". I would get Brad Pitt to play me, cheesy mustache, gauche sunglasses and all. Ha!

  3. scojo@optimum.netJuly 8, 2013 at 1:52 PM

    My cat, Molly. She has gotten away with doing nothing with her life yet we praise her for looking our way between naps. She has great presents on camera and is generally clean. The best news is she can play herself and we probably will only have to pay her a few bites of dry food. It's a win/win.

  4. Thanks for the comments folks. Maybe we could make one movie? We'll call it "Sergeant McLaughlin & His Pyromaniac Cat" Nice ring, right?

  5. I'd like to see a movie about your dad - the everyday working guy who ends up on Normandy beach. A war movie about real men who met their obligations in spite of their fears, who had empathy for the guys on the other side, who fell in love with the British girls, who thought they would never get home but when they did they carried on in ordinary lives and became heroes to their kids. Joseph Fiennes or Colin Farrell.