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Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Grade (So Far): Confidence

Confidence: self-reliance, assurance, boldness.

Based on the dictionary definition above, how would you grade yourself so far on this prized attribute? I'll give myself a "B+" on this one so far.

At the same time, this attribute, above most others, has reminded me many times how an over-played strength can bite you in the ass. If, like me, you've been more confident in your life than not, what has been the occasional downside? I've appended an earlier post of mine below that lays out my yin vs. yang struggle with confidence.

My work here is to get to an "A", quietly. One of my favorite childhood movies, "The Magnificent Seven", has two great scenes early in the film, both featuring Yul Brynner (quietly confident) and Horst Bucholz (not so quietly confident). My whole life with this attribute/strength has been aimed at becoming Yul Brynner's character. Now that I've got almost as little hair as Yul, maybe I'm ready for my close-up? 


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