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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ballad On A Hot Saturday

What percentage of your all time favorite songs are ballads or, at least started out as ballads?

Could be I'm more of a sap than most but my percentage is mushman high. Listening to my I-pod on shuffle recently while exercising, the first six songs were ballads, each better than the next. Found myself getting a little annoyed when the first uptempo song played. Didn't matter that uptempo song better suited the rhythm of my exercise - I anticipated the next tear-jerking ballad. So when the drum intro to Poco's "Nothing To Hide" thundered into my earphones, I was ecstatic in 12/8 time.

Soon after stopping my exercise (eight ballads out of the thirteen songs that played), I further indulged my compulsive side and did a quick perusal of my I-tunes library. Ballads make up more than 50% of the tunes I've obsessively selected for inclusion there. Mind you, they are all great ballads, but slow songs they are.

Though tempted to do a Mt. Rushmore post on this subject, limiting myself to four ballads to enshrine is barbaric. But I'd like to know a few of your favorites in case I've missed some choice ones.               


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