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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Big Three

How much effort do you expend steering clear of politics, religion and money in conversation? Which of the three subjects gives you the least difficulty? The most?

A faithful reader of this blog recently commented on my avoidance of all three, suggesting I might be playing it too safe. There could be some truth to that. However, it's equally plausible my reluctance is more about lack of confidence vs. lack of nerve. My few published posts about the big three have taken me an inordinate amount of time to write as I searched for a tone that didn't strike me as shrill. I've got plenty to say about the big three but I'm still a little short of the writing chops that will allow me to express myself persuasively yet not obnoxiously. And it's not real different for me in conversation.

For me, religion usually gives me the least difficulty, although it's far from easy. Politics and money? A tie for most difficult. So to my compassionate critic who called me on this, I'm going to try dipping my toe into religion a little bit more first and see how that goes. To the rest of you - let me know how I'm doing. Politics and money? God only knows.

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