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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aiming For Minimum Wage

Preparing again today for a workshop about music that I start delivering tomorrow, I paused to do a quick estimate of the time and expense I've devoted to this. Based on my compensation, when I factor in development and prep time + I-tunes purchases, my hourly rate currently stands at about 40 cents. Labor of love, indeed.

Knowing full well in advance how much attention I'd give these workshops, I willingly signed on to do several more; I'm not looking for sympathy. And clearly no one becomes a musician or a teacher to get rich. Those things do not however, preclude me from reflecting about whether 40 cents an hour is selling myself and my expertise a little short. Ever felt under-valued like I'm feeling this moment?

When in front of the group tomorrow, none of this will matter. I'll play my guitar, talk about music, put on some recordings, engage people with my passion. Who knows? By the time my last workshop rolls around in August, maybe I'll be up to the minimum wage.      

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  1. Those who share willingly of their talents can never be adequately compensated with money for there is no appropriate amount possible...our compensation is in the gratification of passing on our joy in the journey...and you do that so well!