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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


"Why who makes much of a miracle? As to me I know nothing but miracles - To me every hour of night and day is a miracle, every cubic inch of space a miracle." - Walt Whitman

Cynicism is such a lazy way of looking at the world. I try recalling Whitman's words whenever I feel myself getting cynical. How do you keep up your guard?

I also try to avoid perpetually cynical people, although I've noticed they don't necessarily refer to themselves that way. What euphemisms have you noticed cynics use to describe themselves? Realistic? Pragmatic? Mature? I know many people who are not cynics that have all three of those traits. And I've met a fair share of others who would use those descriptors in place of cynical but would also readily scoff at Whitman's notion. The latter are the folks to whom I give wide berth.

But when I am in the company of a cynic, Whitman's words can still lift me if I remember to look on that person as a miracle. If I choose not to, shame on me.        

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