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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Etta & Otto & Russell & James

Although my initial hope for a robust online conversation via this blog has remained mostly unrealized, some other nice unanticipated things have taken place. One that brings me great joy is when someone gets turned on by a book or film they've learned of here.

Because Emma Hooper's startling debut - "Etta & Otto & Russell & James" - has a 2015 copyright, it's possible you might learn of it here first. That would be so cool because this book deserves as much of an audience as possible immediately. Without any flourish, the young author tells a tender, wise, and moving story about friendship - in and out of marriage - and our universal need to both remember and forget. I'm confident saying this novel will remain with you.

When you do read it, please let me know ...
* Who would you cast in the main roles?
* Who would you hire to do the soundtrack for this wonderfully musical book?
* How much of the book did you go back and re-read as soon as you'd finished?

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