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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eat The World Update

Thanks to the party we hosted a few months ago, 2015 is already the best so far in our "Eat The World" project. Our next culinary visit is to Myanmar via Cafe Mingala on the upper East Side. But after that stop and another NYC restaurant featuring the cuisine of Georgia, it appears many of the remaining countries (approximately 115) we will be cooking at home. So if you know of any offbeat NJ or NYC ethnic restaurants you think we might have missed, be sure to contact me. You'll be saving this designated sous chef some time.

And, now that we've sampled the food of seventy five independent nations - for the first time since the inception of the project in March 2011 - the number of countries covered in our eating adventure has exceeded the number that have stumbled across my blog. When last I checked in early April, Bangla Desh was country sixty four in that quirky queue.

I'm tempted to add Singapore to the tally when my wife travels there later this month. But someone already called me out about counting the non-vegetarian dishes from our recent repast. I'm duly chastened - Singapore will not be added until both of us eat that part of the world.  

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