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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Watching A Toddler Sashay

Ever watch a toddler sashay? When did you last sit and listen to the birds? How would you describe the texture of peanut butter on your tongue?  

Inspiration is everywhere. This simple truth has become more apparent to me since I began blogging. Even on the occasional days when I don't publish, everyday sights, sounds & tastes that might have previously escaped me have come into sharper focus. Those that make it to my blog log sometimes become the topic for a post. And sometimes they remain a seed indefinitely, waiting for the necessary nourishment. Still others end up in songs. The best part is I'm paying more attention, most of the time.

I'm convinced being consistent in these reflections - in place of trying to be at all profound - has helped me better notice things like that sashaying toddler. What a gift that has been. What everyday event most recently inspired you?

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