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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paranoia, Hibernation and Mr. Id

Over four years and almost 1100 posts, Mr. Id has filled the shoes of his obsequious alter ego approximately twenty times, obnoxiously pontificating on subjects as diverse as dog shit, rap, and most recently, Bill Cosby's shenanigans. That Cosby diatribe was published in December 2014, making these past six months the longest absence to date for the arrogant doppelganger. It appears few have missed him.

Though Mr. Id is a snarky miscreant, he is not a paranoid, snarky miscreant. However, the positive trend in views of this blog during Mr. Id's most recent hibernation has given him (and his approval-seeking meek partner) some pause. Is there a correlation between Mr. Id's extended absence and the uptick in views? Though said uptick has been modest - glacial when compared to the trends of off-the-bell-curve bloggers or the increase in Twitter followers of the famous-for-being-famous crowd - Mr Id's milquetoast twin pays attention to this silly stuff.

Given the paucity of comments to his past rants, it's difficult to get a wholly accurate read on the effect Mr Id's occasional presence has had. But if the current viewing trend continues, Mr. Id may be seeking out a new outlet for his creativity. Maybe he'll pretend to be a musician and become a DJ?                    

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