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Friday, April 8, 2016

I Could Drink A Case Of You


When I published the above in late April 2011, my blog was just six weeks old. And I didn't start teaching music courses at local colleges until three years later. In two weeks - almost exactly five years after writing that post celebrating Joni Mitchell's music - I'll be sharing my unabashed love for her magic with a group of adults who undoubtedly share my passion. It's like I got into heaven without meeting the entry requirements.

My brother - perhaps the only person I know who is as familiar with Mitchell's music as I - was my unpaid consultant as I began developing my playlist several weeks ago. By far, my biggest challenge is having just seventy five minutes; Joni's massive oeuvre begs for more time. If I'd ever had the good luck to speak with her, my first question would have been how she landed on a set list for live shows. With so many incredible compositions, how did she decide which of her children to leave at home? Wouldn't you welcome a dilemma as delicious as this?

Because my presentation is for a women's conference, my main objective will be to tie the growing maturity of Mitchell's music and the expanding reach of her lyrics to the concurrent history of the women's movement from 1968 to the present. Suggestions or ideas are welcome, whether you share my enthusiasm for Joni Mitchell or not. In the meanwhile, pinch me, OK?            

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