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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Only Beatles Fans Need Apply

Although I've probably thought about it more than many people my age on the bell curve, surely I'm not alone in constructing an imaginary set list for the Beatles reunion that never was. How about if I first lay out the parameters? Then if anyone responds with their ideas, I'll reveal my perfect list.

* Concert will last approximately ninety minutes, without the encore, so pay attention to song length from the original recordings and also allow extra time for a little stage patter and some expanding of the tunes for added solos. Fair estimate: Twenty five to twenty eight tunes.
* The lead vocals should be shared similar to a typical Beatles recording, i.e. Ringo should get two - maximum -  over the length of the show and definitely not during the encore.
* Cover material is acceptable but not optimal.
* Even if you love the ballads as much as I, remember how well these four could rock and sequence the show accordingly.
* Be sure to make your set list representative of the catalog.

Now about that encore. Considering how long I've fantasized about this, ten minutes seems more than fair. A ballad followed by something midtempo and then finishing with a serious rave-up ("Helter Skelter", maybe?) sounds about right. Perhaps one each for John, George, and Paul? All right, get to work. I am so looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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