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Friday, April 29, 2016

Rascal Flatts & Missing My Exit

Foremost among the benefits of continuing to give private guitar lessons is how frequently I'm exposed to music that could have escaped me. When I request a new student burn a CD for me with songs they hope to learn to play, I'm often pleasantly surprised by at least one unfamiliar song.

My brother - my musical MVP - previously introduced me to an alt country band called Rascal Flatts. I really liked the one song ("What Hurts Most") he'd included on a recent mix he made. But listening to "Still Feels Good" on the CD of my newest guitar student has made me into a Rascal Flatts believer. Have you heard this tune? If not, invest $1.29 on I-tunes today. Then, let's talk.

These student CDs are the predictable soundtrack for my commute to a studio where I teach. Between all this good music and my Great Courses CDs, I've more than once passed my exit on the Interstate. What were you listening to the last time you got so lost?

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