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Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Reliable Companion: Fourteen To Eighty Four

If you factor in the time I put into development, then add the $$$ spent enhancing my I-tunes library and photocopying participant handouts, I've essentially been paying - vs. being paid - to teach my music courses for the continuing education departments of local colleges since 2014. Though I was never any earnings powerhouse, you'd think at my age I'd be more financially savvy, no?

But now that I'm getting calls to reprise some of my earlier offerings (and approaching minimum wage!), a new benefit has appeared. Each time I prepare to re-do a course, the initial jolt of energy is magnified. It's my own version of the fountain of youth. I review my notes, listen to the music I first selected - sometimes making adjustments to the playlist - re-visit my sources, and suddenly I'm fourteen again. What gives you a similar jolt?

Even better, with each repeat offering, I'm more gratified with my original creations. And the musical niche I've discovered could well transport me to eighty four and beyond. How many of you have ever noticed how many eighty and ninety year old jazz musicians are still able to wail? It's possible that teaching about music - my lifelong reliable companion - will keep me close to the same fountain of youth that seems to keep those older jazz musicians so vibrant. The money? Oh well, that ship sailed a long time ago.

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