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Friday, January 13, 2017

Preserving The Republic

Continuing a tradition established three years ago, January 13 is the date I set aside each year to ensure the preservation of our republic. If you doubt the power of one person making a difference, consider this: The two brilliant constitutional amendments I proposed here on 1/13/14 and 1/13/15 were responsible for subsequent Congressional action. And my incisive logic for revising the Second Amendment resulted in the heated battles you later saw on C-Span.

So, brace yourself for this year's indisputably astute modification to the way we run our great nation. And then comment on my sage advice or ... suggest your own changes. How can it hurt?

1.) Using the most widely respected and notable leaders in the field of geriatrics, ask them to arrive at a range representing the average age of onset for dementia in the US population. Be sure the group submitting their consensus is politically and culturally diverse.

2.) When the age range is submitted subtract eight years from the lowest point of the range. For example, if the expert group says the average age range of onset is 72-76, our baseline number becomes 64 (i.e. 72-8). That baseline now becomes the oldest age for anyone to be elected President, given a maximum of two four year terms is the limit. Our Constitution has a minimum age for the top job, so why not a maximum?

3.) As medical advances are made mitigating the effects of dementia, re-convene the group on an as needed basis to re-calibrate the age range.

I'll be back next January 13 to dazzle all.

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