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Friday, January 20, 2017

Anything Goes?

Call me callous but I have a lot of trouble working up any sympathy for the small business owners who appear on television crowing about having their massive tax debts forgiven via hiring a slick lawyer. My first thought? How the hell does anyone "fall behind" to the tune of $300,00? Would you hire a general contractor disorganized enough - I'm being kind here - to forget they owe that much money to the government? How much more cash has this "businessman" hidden over the years?

My wife has been self-employed for twenty five years. Her business always gets paid by check. Watching these smarmy actors  - you know the actual reprobates who dodged paying their fair share would never show their mugs on camera - brag about striking a deal and paying $15,000 on a tax liability twenty times as much, I get incensed. And yes, I realize I'm wasting energy allowing myself to be triggered by this malfeasance. But my inner Buddhist is elusive under these circumstances. It's not unlike how I feel learning some old fart rock star has magically moved to the front of the line for a new liver. 

Of course, with the example set by our Tweeter-In-Chief refusing to release his tax returns, who knows what other tax shenanigans will soon become the new norm. Cole Porter apparently had it right back in the 1930's - "Anything Goes". 


  1. OMG. I am with you. My husband has been self-employed ever since I have known him (37 years) and then some. He is a kitchen (and more) designer and a general contractor. He has been stiffed. He has paid taxes. He has never gone bankrupt and used that as an excuse not to pay debt or taxes unlike our "tweeter in chief." I could go on and on. I went to DC yesterday and it was wonderful to be part of a group of positive kindred spirits who want to make the world a better place. It was NOT sour grapes as the conservative media report. It was uplifting. Now is the time to get involved in a positive way and not move backward into the DARK ages.....Namaste. Ines P.S. There were thousands of creative signs yesterday, but here is one for you: "Tweet others as you would like to be tweeted."

    1. Ines; Glad this post resonated with you. Have you seen those infuriating TV ads I'm referring to? And congrats on attending the rally yesterday; sounds like it was an affirming experience.