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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Walking For Margaritas

What is your preference when on vacation? Do you favor sedentary stuff like hanging on the beach, visiting the local watering holes, holing up with a book? Or, is an active itinerary more your default mode - cycling, hiking, tennis, etc.? Maybe an in between approach?

Perusing the Road Scholars program description en route to our current destination, I asked my wife to estimate the percentage of waking hours we've spent walking or hiking over thirty nine years of vacationing together. Though her estimate was higher than mine, we agreed it's been over 50%. We both enjoy the beach, like to drink, and love reading. But more often than not when on vacation, we seem to be on our feet and moving. The clear upside of this approach is the way it gives us wiggle room with our diets; more calories used, more calories we can consume. Though we rarely lose weight, we just as rarely gain any.

Today's hike is a long one but the view we're walking to is the one featured in Big Bend National Park's promotional video; it's said to be the best in all of Texas. And our reward tonight? A big Margarita.


  1. If you are in Big Bend National Park, be sure to hike up to see the Colima Warbler!!

  2. Herb; What a treat to see a comment from you! Unfortunately, by the time I read this comment, we'd already left the park; bummer. But ... we did add 1237 birds to our life list, including all the ones you've never seen and a pterodactyl. Are you jealous?