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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Before, During, After

Which gives you greater joy - processing an experience you've had or having the experience? How does the anticipation of having the experience compare with the processing of that experience?

Of the three orientations - before, during, after - the one I most have to remind myself to pay more attention to is the during. My goals ensure I'm intensely focused on the before; anticipating an experience goes hand-in-hand with planning. The extravert in me enjoys processing experiences by speaking about them, the historian in me loves recording them, and my introspective nature assists me to process experiences even deeper. In other words, the after also gets plenty of attention.

The during piece is a continual work in progress. How to stay in a mindful state all the while I'm having the experience?  That is, how do I avoid planning another experience while having the present one or - worse - begin processing the experience I'm having before it's finished? Any of this sound familiar?


  1. Yup. It sounds very familiar. Having a "Zen" head is a work in progress!

  2. Ines; Thanks for the affirmation; good to know others struggle with this.