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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Cost of Conformity

Two recent, but very un-related occurences, have me reflecting on the cost of conformity. 

While I was driving, my wife was reading to me from Michael Pollan's book "Second Nature". In the section she was reading, Pollan describes the scorn his suburban family endured because his father did not keep up their lawn like the neighbors did. A few weeks later, a close friend was telling me about bullying his teenager was facing after coming out of the closet. My wife and my friend never mentioned anything about conformity.

So what about these two topics, the first mundane, the second significant, spurred me to reflect on the cost of conformity? I am far from clear on the answer to that but OK living in the question for now. While I'm waiting for more clarity, I'd like to hear from someone else on the bell curve. Specifically, what cost have you paid in your life for conformity?


  1. What about the cost you pay for NOT conforming?

  2. conformity is so overrated and the longer you live you find out that what you thought was conformity or someone living the true American dream life is really a sham conformity lacks imagination and to conform is ignore your true calling and stay safe-it takes guts to NOT conform but at least you are true to yourself and to your calling.