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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toward More Meaningful Conversations

One of the things I most enjoy is having an authentic conversation. No matter where someone falls on the bell curve, lifeflong improvement at this skill is possible. I have a few ideas; please share yours with me.

First, although conversations about other people or events are common, I find they are often more limiting (and limited) than conversations about ideas. I've also found that ideas expressed as "opinions" (instead of as explorations) tend to turn conversations into debates. What has been your experience?

More significant for me than the content of a conversation (about people, events or ideas) are the questions we ask one another during a conversation. The questions I've found that move a conversation most effectively are those we ask others when we have no idea how they will answer. 

I am certain I can learn how to move toward more meaningful conversations from you.

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  1. Oh, family blogger....love this! Are you sure you want to be talking with us, though? --Susan