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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Changes

I once heard the expression "No one likes change, except a wet baby". I don't fully buy that statement, but I do struggle with changing old habits; somehow I doubt I'm alone on the bell curve when it comes to this.

I'm often unsure what my biggest barrier is to changing. Sometimes it's the new learning I struggle with - the "how to". Sometimes it's the un-learning of the old habit, the "how not to". Sometimes I give up too quickly, before I've practiced the new learning enough for it to become ingrained. Still other times it's the resistance I feel from others as I try doing something differently. I call this being locked in a "persona prison". In that case I know I'd be wise to ignore my "wardens". Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't . I'm confident some of you have identified still more barriers you've faced in your efforts to make changes.

I'd like to know the strategies you've used for overcoming those barriers.   


  1. Change is hard. They say it takes a month of repeating a thought or an action to create a habit. I tried this with meditation and it worked. The benefits are boundless!!

  2. I've many times heard similar wisdom, although the number I've heard is 21 days vs. a month. But regardless of the number, like you I've tried it and it does work! Thanks for reading & contributing.