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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learning Balance

In recent years, the struggle to balance work and life has been a persistent theme in the national conversation. Although I feel lucky to have avoided that particular battle, I suspect learning balance in other areas is a war I'll fight indefinitely. Maybe I can get some help from people on the bell curve.

My balancing struggle has long been the one between pursuing goals (i.e. the future) and enjoying moments (i.e. the present). For me, the scales more often tip toward the goals. To help myself, I've used many strategies gleaned from books and friends and I've internalized some useful aphorisms aimed at keeping me more present-focused ("...the present is a gift" etc.). Though I sometimes sense this particular struggle could be hard wired (especially when I hear my Mother's long ago voice saying "Patrick, you are too serious"), I earnestly want to learn this balance.   

It does strike me as odd, given my age, that this struggle still remains with me. What can you offer me? And, where in your life are you currently having difficulty learning balance?      



  1. I have trouble balancing Rella's happy hour....1 pint or two? One gets me to that happy place where I want the second....but the second takes me to INEEDCOOKIES stage.

  2. you know I struggle with this--I am never just in the moment as I have real hyperactivity tendencies and always focusing on the goal to be achieved (this is more a male trait I believe because men are in the problem solving mode 99% of the time) Men have been created and are hard-wired to produce-something tangible.

    So, what do I do to combat this stubborn tendency? Even though I am a woman, I think like a man-so it is a tough one for me. But as I get older I think back on my favorite moments and recall what made them so great? Always the moment was unhurried, quiet, still, peaceful, me-not acting, talking or doing.Most of the time just sitting back and taking it in-reflective and letting my mind's camera shutter stay open long enough to memoralize the good feeling of being in the moment. I've allowed a snapshot to be taken by just being still. This is what I think happens when you get older and what is meant about enjoying the simple things.

    Then, to enforce this good habit and better balance I recall my favorite moments and what made them so go and so I slow down and enjoy my life. Contemplation,introspection,silence,sitting in a natural environment, and praying all bring the present and real satisfaction into focus.