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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Do You Call This?

Not long ago I finished "The Painted Drum" by Louise Erdrich. Near the end (page 274 in hard cover edition), there's a paragraph where the main character (Faye) is processing all that has happened to her in the book. Despite this paragraph beginning with the sentence "Life will break you", Faye's conclusions end up being life affirming.

As I finished the paragraph, the Louis Armstrong song called "What a Wonderful World" began playing in my head. How many times has this magic happened for you? You're reading a book or watching a film or listening to a piece of music or looking at a piece of art when suddenly, something from one of the other art forms jumps across your memory and you find Louis Armstrong performing the soundtrack for a Louise Erdrich novel.

What do you call this? Is there a word one of you can share with me? I need some help.

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