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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Words That Can Haunt Me, Part 2: Hypocrisy

For many years I have boycotted Coors beer because of the public political views of its founder, Adolph Coors. I'm quite sure neither Coors nor his business has suffered from my lack of patronage but I feel good about my decision. So far, so good.

One of my favorite filmmakers is Woody Allen. Some of you may recall that while he was still married to Mia Farrow, Allen took up with and later married a girl they had jointly adopted. It's not an over-statement to say I was disgusted by his behavior. Even after reading Allen's public explanations, I was not mollified. Now, here's the rub: I have never missed a single one of Woody Allen's subsequent movies. Again, my patronage has had zero effect on Allen's life, art or bank balance.

I've found myself in this position many times. Some would call it inconsistency. The current euphemism might term it a "dis-connect". Depending on the day, I have used either of those words to rationalize my behavior. Today it feels like a word that can haunt me - hypocrisy. Your thoughts? Your experiences with similar "dis-connects"? Your strategies?  


  1. Top 10 Disconnects of the Day:

    (1) hate soap operas but bathe with soap
    (2) despise turkeys but eat them once a year
    (3) don't believe in god but pray daily
    (4) don't like judgmental people but am one
    (5) hate TV but turn it on every day
    (6) support US industry but buy foreign cars
    (7) hate Facebook but check my page daily
    (8) can't stand Rush Limbaugh but listen occasionally
    (9) hate parties but get depressed when not invited
    (10) hate stupid top-10 lists but make them anyway

  2. my top two disconnects: shop at Walmart even though I know what Walmart has done to this country

    #2 am a liberal Dem but totally opposed to gun control

  3. I think you have to decide if you will run your life by the all of the things we disconnect from or else you pick and choose. How do you choose?
    What is it that you just cannot tolerate and support.
    I'm a democrat, I support the death penalty and I love guns!! Love the military and come from a Military family. The military doesn't want gay people in it, I'm gay..
    Target supports political people that are against gay people, I LOVE to shop at Target.
    I was raised Catholic, I will not go into a catholic church anymore because of the belief systems and how corrupt they are and that priests have basically raped and sodomized hundreds of people and the church let them for years.
    SO I guess it's all in what you are willing to fight for and to compromise. Sometimes even forgive the assholes for they do not know and make many mistakes. Can we not forgive.. well not some we can't.
    Hurt a child and you should be eliminated.
    Yeah I'm crazy I guess..
    I love me some 'Sparkley' jeans though!!