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Monday, March 21, 2011

The George Bailey List

George Bailey is the name of the character Jimmy Stewart played in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Who is on your George Bailey list? My list has the people who have enriched me so much that even trying to imagine my life as if they'd never existed (a premise from the movie) is not possible.    

For many, our family of origin and/or the family we create once we become adults are obvious choices for the list. It's important to honor those relationships yet I believe it's almost as important we don't stop there. Take time and go back as far as you can remember. For some, teachers, coaches, spiritual/religious figures, friends belong on the list; you are the only judge.

Next? That's up to you. Before you file your list somewhere, consider: If you were on someone else's list, would you want to know?  I'm interested to know your answer to that. I'd also like to know what you decide to do with your own list.    

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  1. Yes I would want to know and I'd like to know what my inclusion was based. I do have a personal list and guess who is included on it??? You, for showing me in small and large ways through congruence of thought and action that life is a journey of joyous learning, openness, honesty with kind assertiveness!!! Things that at times I didn't always recall. You saved me more than you would ever know!