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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calling M Night Shyamalan

Some of you may remember the 1999 movie "The Sixth Sense", directed by M Night Shyamalan. In 2000 he directed "Unbreakable" and then "Signs" in 2002. I loved all three films but have been disappointed in his work ever since. No matter - after finishing "Await Your Reply", by Dan Chaon, I'm convinced this 2009 novel will find it's way to Shyamalan; it's a perfect fit for these two talents.

There is much to be admired in "Await Your Reply", especially Chaon's ability to expertly juggle the three main stories. In my mind, I've already "cast" most of the characters from the book. For any of you who have read the book (or do so in the future), I'd like to hear your reaction and also see who you would pick for the movie roles. When Shyamalan gets around to making the movie, it will be a blast to compare his casting choices with mine (and yours). And watching him put his cinematic magic to work at the service of Chaon's twisted chronologies and mangled identities will be an incredible ride. I can't wait.

In my March 17 post called "What Do You Call This?", I asked for your help finding (or making up) a word for times when one art form leaps across the consciousness and links to another. My call to M Night Shyamalan to film "Await Your Reply" is an example of that phenomenon at work. Keep thinking about that word for me, OK? More important, pay attention to when this happens for you and then tell me about it.

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  1. still thinking on a word for this synaptical connection that happens....however, in the meantime...I want to say that this happens to me quite frequently when I hear music which creates images of pieces of art that I have seen-that's usually the linkup for me.

    Also what about The Village? That is my fav and I really didn't like Signs. Besides Shyamalan is a hottie and very very cool.