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Friday, March 18, 2011

Envy, Spite & Shame: The Great Motivators

Although I wish it were not the case, I often find myself motivated by base instincts like envy, spite and shame. I'm reasonably certain I'm not alone in this regard, but I haven't yet heard of a 12 step program that addresses this. So today's reflection from the bell curve is my way of announcing "Hi, my name is Pat and I'm a recovering .....". From exactly what am I recovering? I have no illusion (or interest) in a therapist from the virtual world responding to this. Instead, I am looking for a response from someone like me. You.

I recall once reading a pithy quote attributed to Thomas Edision: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". I'm not a genius but on occasion I am inspired to create something I can call my own.  Motivation must then precede the perspiration and there's my dilemma. I don't expect to always be motivated by noble instincts like grace or love. I would like, however, to increase my percentage so that I'm batting .200 - .250 each season. You know, staying on the bell curve.



  1. Pat - enjoying your blog so far.

    envy, spit, shame and even jealousy don't motivate me.

    what always has from a young age is people telling me I couldn't do something....you're too small, you're not smart enough, etc...and I have carried the overachieving attitude with me throughout my career and adulthood.

    what really motivates me now is the fear of letting my kids and family down. The other motivator is becoming an expert in the research I am responsible for selling.

    That's my .02 cents.

  2. Interesting because "over-achieving" because "...others have told me I couldn't do something" sounds a little like being motivated by spite, no?

    Thanks for reading and commenting; glad you're enjoying the blog so far.