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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Upend That Cliche

How many times have you heard "It's such a small world"? You know the story - Someone runs into someone they know while skiing in the Alps, snorkeling in the Bahamas, walking in NYC, etc. The next twenty times you're out, pay attention to how many people you see who you have never before laid eyes on. Then remember to upend that cliche and use this alternative: "It's a really big world."

Not convinced? OK, how about this one - "The time just goes by so fast."  Attended any dance recitals  where the person you came to see was on stage for 3 minutes over the span of 4 hours of endless tutus? How about swim meets held in a steamy indoor pool? A grammar school play on the last night when the cast is thanking everyone including the janitors? I defy you not to think - "Time goes by really slowly."

By now, any regular reader of this blog knows I have a big collection of these groan-inducing cliches I'm prepared to de-construct. But I'd like to know instead which ones make you want to run away.

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  1. The "phrase" that aggravates me the most is when you converse with someone and mention a trip or a purchase or some good fortune and their comment is "Must be nice..."