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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Which habit has eaten so many hours of your life that more than once you've thought "enough already"?

Soon after I packed books during our last move, I asked my wife to stop gifting me any more books about film. No doubt, I'll remain a movie buff indefinitely but clearly I know as much as I ever need to about such an ephemeral subject. Everyone needs mindless distractions, you say. True - and I've got plenty of others. Here's the question: Which one can you let go with no discernible loss to your quality of life? You don't have more than one? Great, when next I see you remind me - I'd like to see that walk-on-water bit you do.

Recently my young adult daughter decided she was jettisoning her Facebook jones; stay tuned re that. My brother has alluded to YouTube as the ultimate time-sucking vortex. "Angry Birds", anyone? But hasn't modern technology also provided many worthwhile pursuits, like...reading and responding to blogs? Tell me what you think; this is about quality of life.

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